: Terrorise

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Gender: Male
Country: England
Joined UW Crew: Aug 22, 2000
Last Session: Oct 29, 2015
Posted by Terrorise 2015-10-01 10:00:57:
hay there all !!.... met up with the boys a couple of weeks ago for the urbanwarfare take over........ wow what a day ... fantastic!!!!. all the mans dem firing looking forward to much more .... stay blessed all crew..... peace
Posted by Terrorise 2015-09-11 20:21:33:
DJ Terrorise was one of the team behind the legendary Eskimo Noise sound which, famously, provided the install for the Metalheadz Sunday Sessions at the Blue Note and a member of the UWC family.

He joined Eskimo Noise in around 1991. At the time they were supplying systems for raves like World Dance, Moondance and many of the other big parties, with the exception of Energy and Sunrise. They also had installs in most of the big London clubs.

DJ Terrorise wasn’t a sound engineer. He was a telephone engineer and was based in London, Battersea, in London. Musically speaking he was a reggae head. That went on to hip hop, and then in 1989 he discovered acid house and started going to raves. Going everywhere it was possible to go to listen to that music. It was a very different phenomenon to anything that had existed before. That got DJ Terrorise into dance music.

One of his first ever entries into Eskimo Noise was helping them set up at the Blue Note for the Metalheadz Sunday Sessions. At the time they had an install in the Paradise Club, They had an install in SW1, which is now Pacha, they had an install in Strawberry Sundays, which was in Vauxhall and a few other others. They were baby systems. The Rampage stage at Notting Hill Carnival was also our rig. We had a whole square to ourselves there.

Code1 goes on to say -

We were doing a night at The Drome (aka SeOne) at London Bridge…. I was doing a live PA in one room with a full studio set up; samplers, keyboards and even a 24 channel Mackie mixer, so there were the usual teething problems as samplers notoriously never liked being moved…DJ Terrorise was running the sound and helped to make it a really memorable night…. We hit it off while trying to solve the problem with disappearing bass!! We exchanged details and started to make tunes together, finding out in the process that he is a shit hot drum n bass DJ, so Confused naturally asked if he’d like to play on the rig and the rest is party history!

UWC would like to add -

Not only an amazing DJ but also a great teacher when it comes to engineering the sound-system. Just another valuable asset to the family. Listen out for his radio spots live on UW radio. As well as the uploaded mixtape’s in the music archive section.


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