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Gender: Male
Country: USA
Joined UW Crew: Jun 23, 2017
Last Session: Aug 12, 2017
Posted by DrewZilla 2017-06-23 08:46:41:
DrewZilla - (Formerly known as Obone & LEDJ) - Andrew Borham.

Rap/Hip Hop - House (Various Styles inc - Hard/Funky/Tech/Glitch) - Trap - Dup Step - Drum & Bass.

DrewZilla Bio:

Having been bought up on a variety of different music from an early age there isn’t much DrewZilla won't listen to & because of this was inducted, not just introduced, into the dance music scene albeit a little late, in 1997. It was on a weekend away at Bournemouth University that he met someone who had just bought turntables and a mixer, a guy by the name of Ruben Proud. Unfortunately this was the one and only meeting but it was enough to get DrewZilla hooked.

Ruben: “You wanna try?”
DZ: “Mate… I don’t have a clue what you're even doing I just know I like it…”

And that was it, the first attempt, & what a first attempt it was! On Point, like he’d been doing it his whole life. Once back at home the decks were set up right away, a good friend let DrewZilla borrow some tunes, notably some early True Playaz, Ram Records, V Recordings, Metalheadz & although it took a good 6-8 months to get anywhere close to replicating that first “lucky” mix the hard work paid off & mixing beats became a daily thing. Once refining his beat matching abilities, DrewZilla took inspiration from one DJ - Andy C - speed, precision, melodic & dynamic mixes & most importantly Double Drops, there wasn’t anyone else worth trying to replicate.

It was at this point that DrewZilla was again lucky enough to meet someone who would open the whole scene for him, DJ Massa. They quickly became extremely close friends, then house mates, and it was through him that he soon assembled a group of friends that became a family, that became Urban Warfare. DrewZilla had what he needed to get better; likeminded people to bounce off, people who's faces would screw up at another bedroom mix in recognition that “yep, that one works mate”! A special mention has to go to Sweetleaf because it’s been his friendship, tutoring & musical knowledge that he’s willing to pass on & most of all his supreme patience that has helped him become the accomplished DJ he is. Listen for dramatic double drops, harmonies, key changes & tempo changes with subtle switches from one genre to another to keep an intelligent crowd on their toes. Wanting nothing more than to make a wall of sound that rips through a dancefloor, DrewZilla doesn't shy away from attempting the dirtiest, nastiest & sometimes most unexpected of mixes.

Due to personal matters that meant having to leave the group in 2008 to move to America, DrewZilla has been somewhat AWOL, however he has never forgotten his family and is honoured to be a part of the Original Urban Warfare Crew. Now armed with MP3’s and a controller having switched from vinyl in 2012, expect to hear a lot more on his upcoming radio show & Urban Warfare Takeover shows.

Live Music & Radio Shows:

DrewZilla began DJ’ing live first at large gatherings & house parties before then moving into regular warehouse parties around London as well as outdoor festivals, some pirate radio & internet radio stations co hosting with Sweetleaf & A.K.A on occasion, finally ending up in Brazil dj’ing in Manaus with the likes of Afrika Bambaataa, T.C Islam & Adam F. DrewZilla was also lucky enough to be tour manager for London Elektricity/Hospital Records durning the European tour of the album Power Ballads & have an unforgettable DJ performance with Hospital Records for Hospitality @ Herbal.


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