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Gender: Male
Country: England
Joined UW Crew: Feb 28, 2016
Last Session: Jun 21, 2016
Posted by Contro 2016-03-12 17:35:49:
In 1993 I was given my first hi fi with two tape decks, radio & a turntable on top. With nothing to play on this new toy I managed to source tapes from my Aunt, older Brother, Sister & Mum. Included in these tapes were the now oldskool Hardcore mix tape releases Kaos Theory 1 & 2. From the moment I heard Smart E's - Sesame's Treets & The Prodigy - Charley Says the passion for breakbeat & electronic sounds had begun.

Noticing interest in the UK underground rave sounds my brother started giving me tape packs from the raves he was attending which just made my curiosity grow. I eventually realised not long after that the darker side of the early jungle was what i was really feeling, 93 being my favourite year, it was such a dark sound and producers were really experimenting pushing the sound deeper. When I first heard Origin Unknown - Valley of the shadows i knew jungle was what i wanted to be involved in. As the sound evolved , i became old enough to get a saturday job and any other work i could. At 15 I eventually purchased my first set of belt drive decks , an old mixer & some records. It had finally begun!

It was hard to get me out of my bedroom for the first 3 or 4 years due to constant practice. One of the early highlights of my then hobby was spending two days mixing & getting advice from Shimon of RAM records (releases such as Night Flight & Body Rock to name a few)
Over the years my passion for the music has never ceased dipping my fingers in as many genres as possible. Playing full spectrum drum & bass, jungle and oldskool radio shows on stations such as DnB Noize, Shedbase, Bassjunkees and our very own Urban Warefare residents Barricade radio run by Dellamorte. I play at most events that come my way and venues around the UK some which which include The Area , Hidden, The Mass & Babalou in London & The Black Swan Bristol. I have experience & love playing illegal raves around London because i feel most at home in the free party scene.

Taking a break from it all for a few years whilst working and travelling Australia and Asia i indulged in my passion for all things psychedelic dropping Psy Trance & Breaks at my weekly residency on Magnetic Island , North Queensland , Australia (what else ya gonna play on a tropical island !)
On returning to the UK realising just how much id missed the UK scene and how unique it is I quickly got back to doing what i love most - Playing Oldskool, Drum n Bass & jungle whenever, wherever i can or alternatively you will always find me raving hard somewhere in London when im not playing at a party.

You can catch me for my weekly show - Ground Zero on www.bassjunkees.com every Wednesday 7-9 gmt & of course dont forget the monthly Urban Warfare takeover on www.barricaderadio.com

Have fun, stay safe & most importantly KEEP RAVING ;-)


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