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Gender: Male
Country: England
Joined UW Crew: Aug 21, 1998
Last Session: Sep 26, 2015
Posted by AKA 2015-08-29 01:10:14:
Contrary to popular belief, i'm not the bi-product of an exiled Jewish baron's love for miss Italy 1977, but was actually born in a quiet kent suburb of South East England. I had a very indie/metal/hip-hop based musical adolescance, and ignored mainstream dance music as much as possible, but finally stumbled across the underground rave scene in the mid nineties and fell in love with techno and hardcore. Whilst out one night 1997 I wandered into the drum & bass arena at a rave and was instantly enamoured - here was the start of my ongoing love affair with electronic breakbeat music. It was also around this time that I became totally captivated by a friends Technics decks and just had to have a fiddle with them. I started buying vinyl and quickly taught myself to mix, swiftly learning that two records, when mixed together in the correct quantities, could produce chemically violent reactions in the brains of my listeners. I began to excercise my weird science on a regular basis in London venues such as The Drome and Trendz with local promoters Currupt Inc.

After joining south London crew 'Urban Warfare' with seven like-minded souls in 1998 and having access to a 10k soundsystem, I started to play at weekly free parties all around central London, and outdoor raves in the outskirts of London and Kent. We took the UW soundsystem to many festivals including Glastonbury, Total Eclipse and London's annual cannabis festival as well as many smaller one-day festivals around the capital.

We then ventured into pirate radio, both playing on various established London based stations including Ruud Awakening (who we also teamed up with for a long stint of warehouse parties) and running the very short lived Urban FM station from south London.

Urban Warfare eventually went their seperate ways at the end of 2002, after nearly 5 years of working closely together.!3 Years on and now back together anything could happen.

I've since DJ'd at numerous clubs, bars, festivals and parties in and around London and the south of England, including Cargo, Bedroom Bar, Jam, The Finsbury, Ground Floor Bar, Play Bay, The Nest & Rikitiks to name but a few, and have promoted a few nights myself too. I am continuously building firm links within the music scene and am hoping to start promoting a brand new night in London at some point soon.

I have had my fair share of fun on the internet 'airwaves' as well...

In 2002 I started hosting a weekly show on one of the UK's first & biggest internet dance radio stations WorldWide FM, which ran until the station sadly went into liquidation at the end of 2004.

Since 2007 i've been playing alongside DJ Sweetleaf on the 'LFO Sessions' (www.bassjunkees.com Wednesday's, 9-11pm), mixing all styles of D&B for an international audience.
You can also catch me every week on my very own show on Barricade Radio (www.barricaderadio.com) Monday's, 8-10 pm) which i've been hosting since 2012 - i'm really enjoying the leftfield direction of this show, its all encompassing musical policy, and it's awesome listeners. My cat also enjoys dropping some live vocals on occasions.

I used to be a total vinyl junkie, playing mostly drum & bass (mixing all varieties of jungle, liquid, dub-wise, tech-step, dark-side and jump-up) and I have a large record collection to show for it, dating back to the mid 90's. But since 2010 I have moved over pretty much exclusively to playing mp3's and nowadays I incorporate many different styles into my sets including house, garage, bass, tropical, moombahton, grime, dubstep, reggae, dub, trap, hip-hop, nu-funk, old skool hardcore, breakbeat and still some jungle & DnB, and I deftly mix up all these genre's to maintain a nice musical flow to my sets.
I am a very competant, technical and intuitive DJ and I try to incorporate pro-level skills into my sets including quick tight mixing, long smooth segues, key matches & changes, cheeky tease mixes and massive hands in the air double-drops.

I love hosting radio shows and building studio mixes, but am at my happiest playing to a live audience - who I can guarantee will enjoy themselves.

Check out my mixcloud page for a sonic smorgasbord of excellent mixes, showcasing a variety of musical styles - www.mixcloud.com/deejayaka

Watch this space...


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